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Do you show proof of your electrician license and permits?

Yes! One of the single most important questions to ask an electrician is to see proof of their license to operate. Anyone can tell you they're qualified, but showing you the visible proof is a different story. Make sure to double-check that their license period is still valid and has not passed the expiry date.
If you're having major re-wiring work done on your home, you'll need to ask about a master license. This permits an electrician to work on both the design and installation aspects of a job. If an electrician only has a journeyman license, this means they are only licensed to install electric features. Remember that licensing requirements differ from state to state.
Additionally, you need to ask about permits for a specific job and whether an electrician is open to getting these permits where they need to. Working without a permit could land both you and the electrician in hot water. Take note that it's the job of certified electricians to acquire these permits and not yours!

Do you have proof of insurance?

Yes! Insurance is an absolute must for any type of contractor working on or inside your home. When changes are being made to your property. always be sure to ask about contractor liability insurance coverage. If something goes wrong and causes damage to your home or a Person inside it. you want to have that peace of mind that accidents are covered. certified electricians would have an insurance company to cover these damages. This will never be your responsibility.

What are some questions to ask before hiring an electrician?

There are a few important questions to ask certified electricians before hiring them. Consider inquiring about their electrician license and permits, insurance, contactable references, job estimates, and guarantees. From electrical panel upgrades to full-scale electrical services,
we've got you covered

Do you have contactable references?

Yes! When it comes to contract work. there's nothing more powerful than a word-of-mouth recommendation. Remember that you have every right to ask your certified electricians it they have a contactable reference who would recommend their services. Make sure you are given a legitimate number and make the call yourself. Ask about the level of service, the quality of work, punctuality, and whether the electrician's rates are fair. Questions about electrical services? Need electrical panel upgrades? Call us today.

Do you offer rough estimates for the job?

While a license. permits. and contactable references are all very important. so is money. You want to be able to hire certified electricians you can actually afford, after all! Call our certified electricians today to inquire about an estimate.

Do you charge by the hour?

Beware of any electrician who charges an hourly rate. All contractors work at a different pace. so this means you could be paving a very different price between one electrician and the next. There is no wav to tell how quickly an electrician will get the job done. but an open ended project charged by the hour can end up costing you far more than you bargained for. Your best bet is to go for certified electricians who charge a flat rate, regardless of how long a project may take. That's why you should call our team!

Do you specialize in any specific areas?

Our certified electricians offer service calls, electrical panel upgrades, whole-house inspections, marine electrical, and more. Wondering how we can help you? Call our team today!